Sales Partners

Interviews with sales partners

Sales partners are the mediators and brokers of products. Sometimes they are very involved in the organisation, other times less so. But they are certainly in the office less frequently and hopefully closer to the customers. First of all, their motivation is an important contributor to your commercial success. It stands to reason, therefore, that their satisfaction with material, technical and also organisational sales support should be considered. Secondly, they may provide valuable tips on new product ideas, for example, and also convey important impressions of the on-going market developments.

Your Questions

  • How satisfied, committed and loyal are our sales partners?
  • How do our sales partners view the support they receive?
  • Where is it necessary to intervene, for instance if processes are suboptimal and even customers are starting to notice?
  • Which market developments and service and product innovations do our sales partners observe?

Our Solution

Sales partners are often willing to take part in cost- and time-saving online surveys. Telephone interviews are also recommendable if participant rates are low or in case of international contacts.

We coordinate the research contents with you; we are also happy to familiarize ourselves with your circumstances and specialist terminology to speak the same language as your sales partners. We combine survey and test methodologies, mainly from the areas of relationship management but also product and advertising impact research, to provide comprehensive answers to the wide range of questions you have: Which processes need to be optimized for the sales partners and therefore, ultimately, for consumers, too? Which strengths and weaknesses do sales partners perceive in our products and services, and how do they effect sales? Which advertising and communications materials do they use and how do they rate them?

Your Results

  • Prompt responses from your sales partners

  • Facts and perspectives as seen in sales, complementing the information gathered in customer surveys and market analyses

  • Important feedback on organisational difficulties that obstruct daily work in sales and that consumers may perceive in a negative light

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