Employee Satisfaction

Understanding how employees perceive the company and the brand

Medium-sized and large companies are complex organisations in which a significant number of people with different personalities, skills and motivations have to and – hopefully – want to work together. In addition to standard topics such as employee satisfaction, employee surveys are also used to analyse more recent fields such as employee loyalty and their internal brand awareness. The purpose of every employee survey is to establish a constructive process, starting with a confidential survey, in which employees are comfortable to express their opinions without reservation, and ending with the human resources department and management communicating results and introducing measures.

Your Questions

  • How satisfied, committed and loyal are our employees?
  • Is the cooperation with superiors, colleagues and employees amicable, constructive and performance-enhancing?
  • In which areas and organisational units would employees like to see changes? What do they hope for?
  • How do employees view the services relating to their everyday work, ranging from workplace furnishings to further training?
  • How loyal do the employees feel towards the brand? Have they understood the brand strategy?

Our Solution

We do not offer standard instruments and benchmarks: you can expect us to provide professional, economic and individual assessments of your organisation. Additional to standard questions on satisfaction, we also integrate questions concerning loyalty and brand identification and awareness. Our integral research approach proves beneficial in this respect, including topics from other areas such as brand management.

This allows us to research far more than simply what an individual would like to see. Instead, we demonstrate how smoothly your organisation is running, whether employees can be productive or even evolve and grow in a positive environment, and if they support the brand strategy that is of crucial importance in saturated markets.

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