Sales Potentials

Identifying sales potentials with calibrated forecast models

Product launches, relaunches and repositionings are usually targeted at achieving the greatest possible sales at comparably low costs. To ensure that you reach this goal, we develop forecast models that go far beyond the scope of simple customer surveys. And our baseline studies confirm what academic literature has reiterated for some time now: By no means do all of us actually put our intentions to purchase into practice. By considering these deviations, we can provide you with a particularly reliable outlook to the future of your products.

Your questions

  • What sales potential will the product achieve?
  • How do product modifications impact sales?
  • How can sales and unit costs be optmized in such a way that the highest possible contribution margin is achieved?
  • Which buyer groups show the greatest potential?


Our Solution

We analyse the decision-making patterns of your target groups.  Our forecast model includes both the rational consideration of different products and the spontaneous decision of whether or not to buy a product, interlinking the survey data from the conjoint analysis with assessments of purchase intentions for the individual products.

The results we achieve are at their most precise when we integrate your current products and their sales figures into our analysis. Furthermore, profit-optimized products can be identified by linking sales forecasts with fixed and variable unit costs.

Your Results

  • You receive a sales forecast without the typical distortion of survey data – broken down for your relevant consumer groups.
  • You are able to trace the effects that modifications of the product features have on sales.
  • We are also happy to integrate your in-house parameters (e.g. unit costs) into our analyses, for instance to demonstrate the possible profits at various price points instead of considering sales alone.
  • We cater to your wishes in the documentation we provide – be it PowerPoint chart reports, tabled results in Excel or interactive simulation tools.

Contact us

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