Concept Test

Optimizing by understanding

Product launches, relaunches or the reorganisation of product portfolios are initiated with the goal of optimising sales opportunities and contribution margins. In most cases, however, financial investment is required before commercial success can be generated. Concept tests create a connection to the customers and their needs with the goal of minimizing this risk, giving you the certainty that your concepts are developed corresponding to market trends and will yield the envisaged success.

Your Questions

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product concept?
  • What is the most effective marketing strategy in the product's competitive environment?
  • Which concept is best suited for this market?
  • Which aspects of the concept still have room for improvement?
  • Which target groups are addressed?
  • Where can further potential be identified?
  • Which sales arguments work best for the various target groups?

Our Solution

The survey instrument is designed to be as unique as your products and concepts are. Particular care is taken to ensure a clear product description and a methodically sensible sequence of questions.

Verbal concepts in particular are reliant on the principle: "As detailed as necessary – as concise as possible!" After the product has been presented, each respondent should have the same image in mind. If the main focus is on product communication, though, it should be presented as realistically as possible in order to detect weak points in the sales arguments or presentation.

Your Results

  • Minimization of the financial risk when launching new products
  • Decision support for your further product development and communication
  • Insight into your customers' decision-making behaviour and estimation of a realistic sales potential
  • Comprehensible preparation of results, also for recipient groups inexperienced in market research
  • Management-oriented summarization of the results, including recommendations for action

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