Website Survey

User feedback on your web presence

A quantitative survey is the method of choice if you want Internet users to provide broad, representative feedback on your web presence or if you would like to ask your company's customers and potential customers to take part in a pre-test on new agency designs for a planned re-launch. The aim is to measure reliable parameters concerning the quality of your web applications and to identify the needs of the users for ensuring the success of your web presence, for identifying possible areas in which action is necessary or for determining the design with the greatest communicative potential from a user's perspective.   

Your Questions

  • How satisfied are the users with your web presence in total?

  • How do they assess the most important website features?

  • How does your website perform compared with relevant competitors?

  • How does it score in a time series comparison?

  • What image of your company do the various agency designs communicate?

  • Which agency design is most popular among coming users?

Our Solution

Our survey concept for your website is built on the «NLR web scan», a quantitative model approach we developed for the evaluation of Internet media. The «NLR web scan» measures the quality of your website in terms of the most important factors of 'content', 'usability' and 'design', which the latest scientific insight and standardized rules (ISO 9241-110 and 13407) suggest substantially influence sustainable user satisfaction. In addition to these important components for optimizing your application, the «NLR web scan» also is a litmus test for customer reactions (satisfaction, motivation for use, incentive effect, lack of bias, image effect, etc.). In coordination with you, we design an individual questionnaire for your website that makes best use of established questions and scales.

 There are different methodical settings in which the assessment of your website can take place:
  • Panel survey: Via a panel partner, we recruit the desired target persons and invite customers and prospective customers to assess your website. Optionally, we also carry out a benchmark comparison to assess competitor websites.
  • OnSite survey: We survey the users directly on your website, employing modern script technologies to directly recruit them. Applied in regular intervals, we can also track the quality of your website from a user perspective with this method.
  • Design pre-test: We use panel recruitment and an abridged version of the «NLR web scan» to provide you with rapid but methodically high-quality feedback, hence delivering an assessment of website designs (screenshots, click dummies).

Your Results

  • You receive statistically validated parameters on the quality of your web presence; a comparison of different designs or of benchmarks and time series analyses to help you see where your website can score and where there are backlog demands.

  • We summarize the results in a graphic PowerPoint report, comment on important statistical effects and condense these aspects to create a summary with recommendations for action on an executive level. We use Excel tables to present detailed outlines.


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