Usability Test

Testing the usability of interactive media from a customer's perspective

When developing interactive media (websites, calculation tools, shopping applications, etc.), the question arises whether the end users will understand the agency designs or programmed dummies. Usability tests can be deployed in various development phases of your media in order to monitor how the target group perceives their usability, with the purpose of showing the development team in your company where users encounter (frequently unexpected) pitfalls in handling the media and where action must be taken in order to successfully continue developing your media.

Your Questions

  • What are the users' first impressions of the interface?

  • Are the navigation items and links comprehensible and meet the users' expectations?

  • Are users guided intuitively to the most important information?

  • At which points do they reach dead ends and would probably give up?

  • Do the imagery and iconography support navigation and information intake?

Our Solution

We use the «NLR lab scan», a qualitative market research instrument specifically designed for conducting usability tests, to conceptualize the test scenario for your media. However, the «NLR lab scan» is by no means a standard instrument; it is quite simply an established, methodical framework we use with you to coordinate individual guidelines to perform your test. At the heart of this is the so-called User Experience Simulation, in which realistic surf tasks that the user is asked to execute in the usability test are defined. We can additionally implement eye-tracking to record viewing and attention span sequences on your website.

Cooperating with premium test studios throughout Germany for conducting the usability sessions, we recruit participants that reflect a typical cross-section of your customer structure. Our psychologically trained usability analysts guide participants through the test session, observe the users and interview them about their experiences while surfing. As our client, you are warmly invited to watch the tests live from an adjacent room. We can also stream the test session to your office via Web Conferencing software.


Your Results

  • The advantage of laboratory usability tests (compared with quantitative analyses, for instance) is that the test of usability can cover even the tiniest detail; after all, this method permits interjected questions at any time, hence providing greater depth in the exploration of any new, unexpected problems emerging over the course of a test session.

  • You receive a graphic PowerPoint report, including a summary of the users' interview, observation and experience data and defines the areas in which to optimize your media. Of course, we are also happy to present the results in your company.

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