Mailing Test

Testing the perception of your mailings before they are sent out

Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of mailings before they are sent out is a frequent application in testing print materials. For this we offer a modified conceptual version of our quantitative instrument for assessing the quality of print brochures. It analyses the components of your mailing (packaging, cover letter, supplement) in terms of how they are perceived from the perspective of coming recipients. Pre-launch, this facilitates your understanding of whether the mailing will have the intended effects and where there is room to improve your documents before they are sent out. Alternatively, you can test various mailing designs in a direct comparison.

Your Questions

  • Does the mailing presentation motivate readers to take a closer look at the contents?

  • How is the cover letter perceived in terms of comprehensibility and length?

  • Does the manner in which the cover letter addresses the customer generate curiosity as to the documents themselves?

  • Do the individual components of the mailing present a harmonious unit?

  • Does the mailing trigger the customer's interest of getting in touch with the company?

Our Solution

As defined in our measurement model «NLR print driver», we focus on how the recipient perceives the mailing documents. In the test situation we emulate how the mailings were received 'as it happened' (from receiving the envelope to reading the cover letter and browsing the supplement). In contrast to our brochure test, we place a clear focus on analysing the cover letter enclosed with the mailing: Prompted by field-tested open- and closed-ended questions, respondents assess the manner they are addressed in the cover letter as well as its comprehensibility. Utilising selected scales from our standard instrument «NLR print driver», we measure the quality of the mailing supplement on the most important impact dimensions.

The mailing test can take place on the premises of one of our studio test partners anywhere in Germany. This also provides the opportunity to evaluate the haptic qualities of the mailing materials. Alternatively, the presentation of material and the test procedure can be entirely digitalized and presented to a broad sample in an online panel. Mixed-mode strategies in which the mailing documents are sent to selected participants by mail for an assessment via online questionnaires are just as possible as are downstream interviews of your customers on a mailing campaign after dispatch.

Your Results

  • A PowerPoint report condenses the test reader assessments in the form of clear result diagrams. We also provide commentaries on the presented statistics (e.g. percentage frequency distributions, arithmetic average profiles, correlations) and indicate significant effects.

  • The central results are summarised in a compact management summary for action on an executive level. We are also happy to present the results of the mailing test in your offices.

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