Advertisement Test

Measuring the emotional-cognitive effects of your advertising

Any attempt to provide valid answers to the question of an advert's impact on customers will have to delve into their emotional and cognitive reactions. The interplay of emotion and cognition determines how well an advertising campaign can assert itself in its competitive environment, to what extent it can raise brand awareness and which sustainable effects it will have on the customers' attitudes towards your company. The aim is to develop advertising that is perfectly streamlined to this complex interrelationship and hence to increase the likelihood that, in the decisive moment, the customer will decide in favour of your brand and your product.

Your Questions

  • What effects does the advertising have on the target group?

  • Which agency design has the strongest impact?

  • Does the advertising promote the aspired brand image?

  • Does the target group understand the core claim?

  • How does your advertising perform in a benchmark comparison?


Our Solution

The «NLR ad scan» advertising impact model measures the effect of advertising on all relevant levels. The cognitive assessment of advertising materials and associated emotions are analysed as equal yardsticks, revealing the effect on attitudes towards your brand and your products as well as general factors that relate to your target group and influence the impact of advertising. We offer recruitment and test completion for all methodical modules both online and in test studio sessions.
Together with you, we consider the broad methodical spectrum and select those modules that are best suited to resolving your research questions, including:

  • Measuring the assertiveness of brand and product with established copytest methodologies

  • Analysing the image effect with implied methods of associative response time measurement as well as classic image scales

  • Using open- and closed-ended question techniques and qualitative in-depth interviews to register important context variables applicable to the target group (motives, attitudes, involvement)

  • Ánalysing eye movement and attention spans with modern eye-tracking methods

Your Results

  • The most striking benefit of the «NLR ad scan» model is the interlocking of different market research methods, giving you an integral and holistic image of the impact of your ad.

  • Graphic PowerPoint charts visualise the results from the different modules. A management summary condenses the most important findings and provides practical recommendations for the optimization of your advertising.

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