In-Depth Interviews

Intensive discussion of the research topic

Conducting in-depth interviews is the method of choice when it is important to fundamentally comprehend the research subject and to unravel underlying needs, motives and barriers. Experienced interviewers are imperative in this form of survey as they use psychological questioning techniques to gain core insight and respond empathetically to their interview partners.

Service Portfolio & Quality Assurance

  • We design a discussion guideline in close coordination with your briefing specifications and introduce you to special interview techniques that are tailored to the goals of your study.We are happy to discuss the necessary details in a personal kick-off meeting on your premises.
  • In general, the in-depth interviews are held in the test studios of our partners in selected cities throughout Germany. Alternatively, we can conduct the interviews 'in-home' or 'in-office'.
  • We can arrange for you to attend the interviews live.
  • Recruitment of the participants at all times pinpoint meets the screening criteria coordinated with you.
  • We can draw on a pool of psychologically trained interviewers, versed in conducting in-depth interviews on our behalf for many years.
  • You receive a conclusive PowerPoint report summarizing the central findings in text and graphic form. We graphically visualize chains of argument and need structures, underlining these aspects with exemplary original quotes from the groups.

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