Descriptive Statistics /

Multivariate Methods

We conduct professional statistical analyses

The professional and targeted analysis of your data requires a sound understanding of the established statistical analysis methods and the ability to translate the statistical parameter into a presentable form that is also accessible to non-experts. Our employees hold academic qualifications in statistical analysis methods and have many years of experience in applying these methods to market research scenarios.

Portfolio of Services

In addition to fundamental descriptive methods (frequency distribution, arithmetic average profiles, correlations in group comparisons, significance tests, etc.) our portfolio of services includes all standard methods of multivariate statistics:

  • factor analysis

  • cluster analysis

  • regression analysis

  • variance analysis

  • multidimensional scaling

  • structural equation modelling

  • discrimination analysis

Reporting Formats

Chart report

The complete results of a study are presented in graphic form and submitted to you in a PowerPoint report. Unless you have special wishes we will draw on the presentation forms that have proved most effective in practical terms and are as simple as possible and as complex as necessary - usually in a Q&A form with a percentage of mentions. Even without any introduction, the charts 'speak for themselves' and are therefore easy to communicate within the company. In standard cases the results are presented in our PowerPoint template, but we can also use your design if requested. In addition to the graphic presentation of results the report contains a management summary with recommendations for action.

Volume of tables

The volume of tables provides a detailed outline of results for all questions and subgroups that we define according to your wishes. In general, it contains the proportional and the absolute distribution of responses and, whenever suitable, also top, middle and bottom boxes or arithmetic averages. On request we can also assign a relative significance to the various groups. In its standard form we provide the volume of tables in Excel.

Encoding of open responses

If required, trained staff members encode open-ended questions, i.e. customer comments, using your category scheme or proposing an encoding matrix. The resulting clusters are presented to you in the form of frequency distribution. Additionally, you receive a sequential Excel list with all original respondents' quotes. We can also provide our TagCloud tool as an alternative presentation form.

Presentations / workshops

We are happy to present the study results in your company; we can also conduct a result/implementation workshop with your staff.

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