Long-time partners are part of our experienced team

NORDLIGHT research has a large network of partners that support the core team in conducting market research studies. We cooperate with selected partner institutes and specialized freelancers, drawing on their expertise for successful conceptual and operative study completion. This longstanding cooperation ensures that internal study coordinators and external resources form a well-established team, even in complex and large-scale studies.

Online Panel Partners

We cooperate with wide-coverage panel partners in order to recruit online survey participants (CAWI method), hence allowing us to source large sample groups as well as to survey particularly focused target groups. We can revert to partners in the world's most important industrial nations. We cooperate exclusively with field partners who have signed up to the quality guidelines of the German Society for Online Research (D.G.O.F) and who disclose to us their procedure in establishing and maintaining the panel.    

Field Partners for Telephone Interviews

We cooperate with call centers specializing in national and international telephone recruitment and interviewing (CATI method); all centers have committed to maintaining maximum transparency in the initiation and conduction of interviews. In selecting our partners, we are as devoted to the adherence to data protection and the professional standards within market research as we are to the strict delimitation to marketing and sales activities.

Test Studio Partners

We revert to the upscale premises of our test studio partners for conducting group discussions, usability tests or in-depth interviews. Therefore, we can realize personal market research surveys in almost all major urban centers in Germany. The premises of our test studio partners are equipped with state-of-the-art recording and data transmission technology. Sophisticated observation facilities with appealing catering amenities are inviting settings in which to attend the tests live with colleagues from the specialist departments.

Pool of Experienced Freelancers

We have a large pool of experienced freelance contributors who are specialized in the provision of particular market research services. Our pool includes, for instance, experienced group discussion moderators, psychologically trained interviewers, online programmers, certified interpreters with expertise in the translation of market research documents, transcription services and experts for the evaluation and charting of market research data. We have cooperated with all of our freelancers for many years and are can thus guarantee the quality of their services.  

Technological Partners

We deploy our partners' established market research tools in conducting studies, including:

  • "EFS Survey", the market-leading software in Germany developed by Questback (formerly Globalpark), used to program and conduct online surveys 
  • online survey software by INGRESS