Data protection is an important and personal matter to us

Secure handling of customer data is a requirement that quite rightly imposes strict conditions on the manner in which market research institutes operate. NORDLIGHT research GmbH is committed to strict compliance with all ethical standards enforced by Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V.


NORDLIGHT research GmbH data protection factsheet

  • NORDLIGHT research GmbH is registered in accordance with article 4 section 7 DSGVO.

  • NORDLIGHT research GmbH operates in compliance with the guidelines issued by BVM (Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V.).

  • Personal data such as our clients' customers are at all times encrypted and saved in our IT systems separate from the survey data (AES 256-bit encryption). Only the project manager and the data protection officer have access, hence guaranteeing a maximum level of security against unauthorised access.

  • Personal data is encrypted at all times when received or transmitted. In this we offer clients various methods. But we generally recommend the use of PGP.

  • Personal data is never saved on mobile terminals. Mobile terminals have Whole Disk Encryption, ensuring that client results from projects are protected in the event of theft while on the road.

  • The technical and organisational measures were documented extensively in the Data Protection Audit in 2010, which received a positive assessment (SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH): "We were able to ascertain that the processes and measures required for compliance with data protection laws have been put in place, and are upheld, at NORDLIGHT research GmbH."

  • NORDLIGHT research GmbH has appointed an external data protection officer to maintain on-going professionalisation of our protocols.