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We carry out research so that you are able to make well-founded marketing decisions. In 2018, conducted an industry-wide survey to identify smaller full-service institutes that received positive attention from industry insiders.
NORDLIGHT research achieved two top 3 rankings in this nationwide comparison:

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Practical Application

Online Market Research From The Outset

NORDLIGHT research has many years of experience in planning and conducting online market research projects. Many of our employees and partners are pioneers in the field of online market research:We have been realizing online projects since the Internet emerged as a relevant medium for market research studies over 20 years ago.

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We provide solutions

Product Research

For developing products and services that correspond to market trends, it is important to identify the needs and wishes of future customers at an early point in time. This way, relevant potentials and target groups can be determined, and the product design can be specifically supported.

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Relationship Management

A sound analysis of the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers and sales partners is the first step towards a successful relationship management. We interview customers, non-customers and sales partners on experiences gathered at your company's contact points and develop concepts for implementation customized to your industry and business processes.

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Communication Research

The development cycle of advertising and media communication results in the most different requirements. We combine established and innovative market research methods for customized examination concepts which will help you to successfully design your advertising and communication media.

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Who we are

First-class market research solutions for your company.

NORDLIGHT research is an experienced full-service institute offering high-quality, individual market research solutions. Our services cover the entire spectrum of market research processes – from requirements analysis and research design, to data collection and evaluation, to reports and management presentations. Everyone in our team of experts has many years of project experience. Since our foundation in March 2007, our headquarters have been situated in Hilden near Düsseldorf.